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Accounting improvements / migrating to new report

During the past month we have rewritten the core of the accounting module with the following in mind

  • Better back-tracking of posts in the accounting report, meaning that its easier to navigate back to payments, invoices, booking etc.

  • With better linking its also more reliable to avoid missing transfers from invoices, receipts, booking, payments, and bank transfers.

  • Speed/performance optimizations.

  • Easier to integrate with new accounting systems, allowing us to support more accounting systems in the future

  • New integrations with Fiken is also now available.

Drill-down in report. All the blue numbers are clickable so that its easier to identify what the number is composed of.

For instance, if you now turn off "accumulated", then you will see day by day. By clicking on for instance "Bank transfer" you can see each amount that bedify has received of money for an invoice that will be posted on your bank account (1920) in your connected accounting system.

End of day report

If you have configured your system to automatically transfer accounting data to your accounting system, then the end of day report requires that all accounts has been mapped before you can completed it.

Note: if you are unsure what account the product should be mapped to, please contact your accountant.

To map accounts that is missing during the end of day report, click on this button and select the account you want to map it against.

Rounding account: This is the account which "øre-avrunding" is posted against, the new accounting system automatically makes rounding if there is minor differences between 3xxx and 1xxx acounts, making it easier to transfer accountingdata to accountingsystems.

Improved mapping overview

By making the products and mapping in a matrix its easier to see a complete overview of all mappings and what account it has been mapped to within a given tax category.

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