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Easy of use

Why struggle when you dont need to?

Bedify is built with an eas-of-use mindset

Bedify is thoughtfully designed with a user-centric approach, ensuring both hosts and guests experience seamless functionality. We achieve this by leveraging cutting-edge technology and harnessing the expertise of our seasoned development team, who bring years of industry experience to the table

The guest experience

At Bedify, we place great importance on the experience of your guests. Ensuring their stay is smooth and hassle-free is one of our top priorities



80% of guests are automatically checked in

Thanks to our innovative communication module, Bedify systems can seamlessly automate the check-in process for all guests, eliminating the need for traditional check-in kiosks or receptions. We streamline the experience by automatically checking guests in upon their arrival day and sending them a notification. Additionally, with Locky security, Bedify can also track when guests physically enter their rooms, adding an extra layer of security and convenience


Payment in advance.

Configure the system to automatically handle debt collection. Bookings made through online booking engines are paid upon reservation. For bookings made through platforms like with hotel collect, the system will automatically send a payment request before the guest's arrival. Prepaid payments are a crucial element for seamlessly automating guest journeys.


Checkout is a good bye

Guests who have prepaid and utilize a pin code for door access can simply depart at their convenience. Our system will automatically check them out at the designated departure time and update the access code for their door. There's no need to wait at the reception to bid farewell; the system handles this for you seamlessly, ensuring a smooth departure with a touch of hospitality


Hotel management

Making a simple property management system is a really hard job. It has to support everything you do today and at the same time, it should not give you a lot of buttons in one view that confuses you even more. Almost everything you can do today will have to be supported by the system, and that is a lot.

Tablet & Coffee


Simple payment management

Handling payments, receipts, and accounting in property management systems is inherently complex due to the unique nature of payments being tied to specific periods before, during, or after stays, making tracking financial data and ensuring compliance challenging. Bedify simplifies this by automating tasks, leaving you to focus on bookings and payments. Detailed reports from Bedify provide accounting-ready numbers, streamlining payment and receipt management for your property.


Easy channel management

Bedify simplifies managing various online travel agency channels like Expedia and by mirroring them one by one. Its key feature allows for effortless setup and management, where you can easily select rates and availability to mirror to each category, eliminating the need for manual updates and reducing errors. Automatic updates ensure that your listings stay accurate and current across all channels, boosting bookings and revenue without added hassle.


Manage a booking is easy

Bedify is designed to simplify booking management, ensuring ease and efficiency every step of the way. With its user-friendly interface, updating bookings is a breeze—all you need to do is navigate to the booking and make your changes, and Bedify handles the rest, from updating channels to sending confirmation emails. Additionally, Bedify offers a built-in journey view of guest status and path, providing a quick overview for faster decision-making and allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional customer service without getting bogged down by administrative tasks.

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