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Automate your hotel

Why spend time on tasks that can be automated?

Modern hotels rely on automation to meet the demands of guests and improve efficiency. Whether you manage a small bed and breakfast or a large hotel group, automation is crucial for managing tasks like accounting, check-ins, check-outs, cleaning management, guest interactions, reports, and channel management.

Two way communication with OTA for availability and prices, expedia, AirBnB

Automated checkin and checkout, trough dispatching SMS directly to guests

Automated communication with houskeeping.

Automatically syncronizing with your accounting system

Effortlessly Check-In Guests with Automation

Gone are the days of relying on a receptionist for check-ins. With Bedify's automated check-in system, guests can check in remotely as long as certain requirements are met.


To be eligible for automated check-in, guests must have settled payment, be within their check-in date and have a cleaned room. Bedify keeps track of these requirements and sends guests an SMS and email with instructions on how to access their room, whether it be through a pin code or mobile key via the app.


Say goodbye to long check-in lines and hello to effortless, efficient check-ins with Bedify.

Streamline Check-Out with Automatic Guest Departure

Bedify eliminates the need for manual check-outs by automatically detecting when a guest has completed their stay. The system automatically checks out the guest and, if you have a lock integration, removes access to the room.


If there is any need for manual follow-up, like for example payments needed you will be notified.


With Bedify, you can streamline your check-out process and focus on other important tasks.

Optimize Cleaning Operations with Automation

Bedify streamlines cleaning operations by tracking room usage and automatically notifying cleaning staff when a room requires cleaning.


The system provides all necessary tools for effective cleaning management, including communication between cleaning staff and management.


Say goodbye to manual room tracking and hello to optimized, automated cleaning operations with Bedify.

Enhance Guest Communication with Automation

Effective communication is crucial for guests' satisfaction and experience. With Bedify, you can enhance your guests' journey from start to finish with our built-in automated communication system.


Bedify's system allows you to easily send automated emails and SMS messages to guests, whether it be a greeting email or post-stay survey.


Track and communicate with guests seamlessly using our user-friendly, automated communication system.

More automation

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Keeping track of financial reports for your property can be time-consuming and tedious. With Bedify, you can simplify the process and focus on other important tasks.


Our automation system ensures that your reports are accurate and up-to-date by tracking guest registration and pricing for rooms and add-ons.


Bedify will notify you if any action is required and eliminates the need for you to spend time every night ensuring your reports are accurate. Streamline your reporting process with Bedify.


Channels manager

Bedify simplifies channel management for your property by integrating with the most popular and specialized channel managers.


Our channel management system automatically mirrors your property's prices, availability, restrictions, and communication across all channels. You don't have to worry about manually updating information on different platforms.


Bedify has done all the hard work for you, leaving you with a seamless and flawless channel management experience

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Receive payments

Bedify simplifies payment processing for your property by automatically tracking and requesting payments from guests.


Simply configure the system to request payment prior to the guest's stay. Guests will receive an SMS and email with a link to a secure portal where they can pay using their credit card.


Eliminate manual payment tracking and streamline the process with Bedify's automated payment system.

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