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March 15th - 2024 Bedify Release note Version 1.0.5

Bedify Release Notes

The 1.0.5 release have some major updates , bug fixes and new features to further enhance the Bedify experience. Below are described some of the new features, bug fixes and improvements.

Detailed information about the new features, head over to the Features section here:

New Features:

  1. Noshow - Noshow button is added.

  2. Non refundable - Booking can be marked as Non refundable.

  3. Autostock - Bookings are now being Autostocked

  4. Occupant - Select "Occupants" under reservation to browse only inhouse guests.

  5. Hotel collect - Group actions now include Toggle Hotel Collect for whole group.

  6. Receipt printer - Added possibility to integrate thermal receipt printer for POS and PMS.

  7. SMS to all guest - SMS / email can be sent to all or selected guest.

  8. Dayroom booking - Possible to book same day checkin and out.

  9. Campaign Powerup - New power-up for campaigns and discount features.

  10. Block list - The Block List feature easily manage unwanted guests by adding their email and phone numbers to a block list and prevents them for being able to check in.


  1. Loading booking time -Improving loading times for large or long group bookings.

  2. Fire list - Handicap is added to fire list information.

  3. External debt collector - Added support for external debt collectors.

  4. Checkin status - In the reservationlist checkin status is signaled by colours

Bug Fixes:

  1. Economy Dashbord - Yesterday showed total amount of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  2. EHF notification - Sending a EHF invoice, ha to reload page to see sent notification.

  3. Overbooking warning - Overbooking warning not shown in "Arrivals".

  4. Changing close date - Closed date can be changed/altered.

  5. Price change adding guest - When adding guest price chanced.

  6. Adding room error - Adding room to existing group not possible with out re selecting dates.

  7. Account count error - When correcting an account unit with a count greater than one, both the Economy and Accounting reports display the total price multiplied by the count. Fixed.

Feedback: If you experience any issues or bugs, please do not hesitate to send us a report to  or use the ticket system in the PMS.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback. We're excited for you to explore these updates and experience the enhanced functionality they bring to Bedify. Wishing you smooth operations and success ahead!

Best regards, Team Bedify

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