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Version 1.0.8 - Release note

In this version we have been focusing on payments in the system, how to improve the workflow for receptionist etc. We have also added some much asked for features, lets have a look at them.

Changes will be published to production on monday 13 may 2024.

As always; all our customers are automatically upgraded to the latest version, so no action needed on your part.

Receipt view

Until now the only way to view a receipt in Bedify was trough downloading the PDF and then open it, now a new view of the receipt will show up directly in Bedify.

This view will automatically show up when you create a receipt, then from there you can download, send it or credit it. If you go to receipts tab, then you can click on the receipt to show the same view.

Invoice view

The receiptview has also been embedded into the invoice view to easier see the content of the invoice. Note that some of the buttons for sending invoice has been moved a bit to make it even more similar to other places in the system.

Refund process

Why did we have to improve this? Well, think of this sencenario.

A group was paid and a payment of NOK 3000,- was created.

Reservation 1 - 1000kr

Reservation 2 - 1000kr

Reservation 3 - 1000kr

After a while we want to cancel reservation 3 and refund the money for only that reservation. In this case you normally went to reservation 3 then made a refund, but the refund process did not care which payment in the group it was referred to. So when you tried to cancel the reservation you got an error message that you needed to refund the connected payments first.

So you now have two options

  1. Refund the payment for the reservation you are currently looking at

  2. Refund the complete payment.

Payment confirmation documentation

Best practice is to send the receipt upon checkout, as there are normally lots of changes before and during the stay. We now have added a payment confirmation letter that are attached to the booking confirmation. This documentation can also be downloaded directly from the refund dialog, as you can see in figure 3.

Search for reservations by invoice number

If you use our system to send invoices, you can now search in the reservations by invoice number and all the reservations connected to the invoice will show up

Improved invoice list under insight -> invoices

To ease the task of maintaining the invoices for unbilled reservations, we have now added the possibility to go directly to the reservations, and to hide them if they should not really be invoiced.

Also on top we have added a new filter that allows to "show only expired entries", this will ensure that the guests checkout date has passed.

Booking auto-allocating.

In the morning at 06:25 we auto-allocate todays booking to make sure that clean rooms are being used first. This will improve the check-in process if the rooms are not to be cleaned daily. Also the cleaning staff will notice that there will be less checkin rooms to clean.

Select all in create receipt/invoice

One feature we have been asked for a lot is a possibility to select all account for a group, this is now available on top of the of the view.

Create a payment without a receipt

In many cases you want to just register the payment without creating a receipt, this is specially the case when a payments are done in advance. Once a payment is created you can send the payment confirmation letter. Avoid creating the receipt as long as you can to ensure that you dont get extra work for you to correct it if changes should accure.

New integration’s - planday

We welcome planday into our environment. Planday is used to manage your staff payroll etc. Upon end of day report Bedify will automatically transfer all revenue directly to Planday so you can keep an eye with your latest expense vs revenue.

Other bugfixes

  • Automatically scheduled tasks are now correct to run in the correct timezone and taking summer / wintertime into consideration

  • We dont show refunded payments anymore that are empty.

  • When a stay has started and there are nights in the closed account periode, we still can add new guests /addons for the rest of the stay.

  • Fixed a bug where "default price" in priceplan was not showing 0,-

  • in the bookingengine, its now only allowed to have max number of guests according to the max number of guests for the room.

  • Booking engine - Go to payment is visible even if there are no online payment methods available.

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