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Version 1.0.10 & 1.0.9 / Summer vacation notes

Summer is approaching, and this will mark the final release for the season. We have planned to launch these features on the 13th of June, the same day as the founders turn 40th, kind of a happy birthday gift to all of you!

During the summer vacation we will only release critical bug or security fixes as we are low on staff. Next feature releases will be this fall.

Whats new?

We have been focusing on stability, edge cases, and some much asked features. For stability we have made the way to add better overview of background processes that fails for some reason, so you can rest your mind that the background processes are running smoothly.

First you will notice that there are a new icons in the main menu.

As you can see, there are "System status", "Import issue" and "Unbilled revenue". Lets dive into "system status"

System status

For a PMS to operate effectively, various background processes must consistently function properly. Currently, we have implemented monitoring for the updating of prices, restrictions, and availability to wubook (OTA, GDS, etc). Any failures resulting from misconfiguration or other system issues will be displayed here, allowing you to track when the last successful operation took place. If one if this fails and continues to fail its critical and you need to address this with Bedify support team.

Import issues

99.5% of bookings from the OTA are successfully imported, but there are situations where the system is unable to override checked-in reservations or delete them due to existing payments. Although you have been notified via email in such cases, we aim to provide additional assistance to help you better manage these issues.

In figure 3, you will notice a badge next to "import issues." You can now begin examining what has been altered and how to address this reservation. After handling it correctly, you can easily click on "mark as handled."

This functionality will guarantee improved consistency in your bookings by allowing you to mark them as "no show" in cases where the guest is required to make a payment.

Unbilled revenue

If you choose to disregard the reservations in the "unbilled revenue" section of the end-of-day report for handling at a later time, they will appear in the "unbilled revenue" list accessed from the menu in figure 1.

In figure 4, you can obtain a fast and simple summary of all your outstanding revenue that requires your attention. Utilize the "Payment category" feature to organize the invoices you wish to process separately and allocate the rest to other categories. This approach allows you to focus on reviewing the "others" category periodically to ensure no payments are overlooked.


Housekeeping has received some improvements.


Upon a guest's departure, whether through automated or manual check-out, the housekeeping staff will be promptly notified of the guest's check-out status. This feature will facilitate the cleaning staff's workflow by providing visibility on whether guests have checked out or not.

Logging has been implemented to monitor the individuals altering the room status and their reasons for doing so. Additionally, for your convenience, an extra button has been included in the reservation view next to the room.

By clicking on this, you will gain access to a comprehensive log for your perusal.


Experimental logging of availability has been incorporated into the categories. Initially, this functionality will only be accessible to our support team to monitor instances of overbooking and identify the specific reservations responsible for them.

Bugfixes from 1.0.9

Version 1.0.9 has been continuously released and this fixes are already implemented and live.

  • In campain module, changed texted from "Fixed nightly" to "Fixed daily discount"

  • Improved previously guests list when you add guests and have already selected a company.

  • Crontabs, the scheduling was misfiring when server was set to a different timezone

  • Availability view displayed incorrectly if you as an operator was on vacation in a different timezone

  • Rounding issues when using Easy By Nets.

  • Improved geo report to be more understandable and extra descriptions.

  • Campain module - Extra price pr guests did not work when you used fixed nighlty price.

  • Bug with taxes when transferring information to Fiken.

  • EHF - Not possible to send EHF if the tax where 0% as the Tax Exemption was missing.

  • Set rooms to dirty when guests checkout premature.

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